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Yah, so today I'm taking it kind of easy. With so many things on my mind, it's good to take a mental health day to just chill out a bit. I read up on some health topics I really wanted to know more about and found this really cool device called a QLink. I can't fully recommend it yet, but I'm planning to save my pennies and buy one and when I do, I'll tell you if it's worth it. It totally SOUNDS like it is. I read the research page from top to bottom and the studies sound very sensible and solid. Of course, my inner conspiracy theorist wants me to never believe ANYTHING I read where the collection of money is involved. But I'm gonna go with my gut on this one.

Another site I frequent to maintain my lunacy status amongst my peers is the Hallelujah Acres site. I don't actually believe as they do that this lifestyle is perfect for everyone, but it sure feels good to me! When I eat a high raw diet, I feel SO energetic and clear headed!! When I don't, I feel sluggish and slow. It's as simple as that. Now that doesn't mean I'm anywhere near becoming the raw diet poster child. Sometimes my desire for Moose Tracks Fudge ice cream takes over and I let carrots become rubber in the crisper drawer. But such is the struggle to obtain anything worthwhile. I am happy to say I've eaten predominantly raw (atleast 85%) for over a week now and have dropped 5 pounds already. Feels great and I have no intention of stopping now!

Lastly, here's a fun little link to a site where you can hone your vocabulary skills and allegedly earn free rice for the hungry. Can't say I would spend much time on here JUST for the donation part (the conspiracy theorist wells up once again) however, if there's even a CHANCE it's actually donating AND I'm sharpening my mind for a couple minutes a day, why not? I had fun finding out that my vocabulary level was 35, learned a few new words, and maybe someone out there got a bowl of rice...it could happen!

Sorry for those of you who saw a new post and expected pictures! There'll be more where those come from soon...


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