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Yesterday I had a fun (although very COLD) time hanging out with Nathan from FBCS while we tried to find interesting things to take pictures of for an upcoming photo contest. We ran across a couple of guys, one of which was skateboarding. I asked if he'd let us take some pictures and he was SO nice and did his trick a few times for us. Since Nathan was shooting film, we won't see his shots for a few days, but here's mine. I'll post it in color and in B&W because Nathan's contest photo has to be B&W, so that's what we were aiming for. But I do really like the color version as well.

We also stood in oncoming in traffic. :) Hopefully Nathan got a cooler shot than I did with more traffic coming at him and going past. We'll see when the film is developed.

Now this next shot is NOT MINE AT ALL! This is Lindsey's...another contest applicant who I did some shooting with. I worked with Lindsey on her contest picture last year too, and she's just a JOY to work with! She's picked up the concepts SO quickly. Her picture this year makes me so happy...she did an awesome job! Since she's entering the digital category, I can already post hers. Hopefully we can scan Nathan's fim contest entry later and post it as well.

Here's one of my own shots from my session with Lindsey.

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