Introducing...(drum roll please)

Some of you may know that lately I've been in a little over my head! Work has been piling up and instead of being an effective business owner, I've been my own slave driver! So over the past few weeks, the Dear Lord sent me not one, but TWO personal heroes to rescue me!!! Angels in disguise? I know not! But I can't even say how much stress this has relieved already!!! Things are getting done...and I'm not doing them! It feels like little daily miracles happening all around me! And if that's not blessing enough, these two girls have personalities like rays of sunshine to boot. They walk into my office and light up my life!! So without further ado, I proudly introduce the new members of my team! If you call or email in, give them a shout out and get to know them!

Chrissy was actually the FIRST new friend I made when we moved here over eight years ago! She and her family have been some of my favorite models and biggest fans! Now she is assuming the role as my Personal Assistant, (aka, my External Hard Drive!) and my Office Manager...I'm SO lucky to gain her organizational skills and her energy! My filing cabinets are so happy to be used properly that they're singing the Hallelujah chorus...

Bridget is brand new to my world, but we bonded IMMEDIATELY! Actually, even sooner than immediately...I knew she was a perfect fit when we were just emailing! Bridget is a Graphic Design major at Bethel and will be taking over a lot of my design projects so I can focus more on the photographic end of things. Her super-fun and spontaneous personality is helping me keep it real over here! You're gonna wanna see what fresh new ideas we pump's going to be a really fun summer!!!!
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