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A little personal post with some random tidbits of news, for those of you who are friends or family. And so many of my customers are friends...or have become friends! So maybe a few of you will find this interesting.

So I went to the Dr. this morning for my newest broken bone. I expected the same nonchalance that I received at the ER in Florida...I FULLY expected them to tape it back up and pat me on the head and send me home with some pain pills. But instead the Dr. said that the bone is in several pieces that aren't sitting nicely right now and he'd like to OPERATE tomorrow!! I said, "Um...NO?" LOL. He agreed that with all I have going on in the next couple of weeks, it wouldn't have time to heal properly if we operated that soon, so I'm going back in two weeks for more x-rays. If the bone is still as separated as it is right now, he may still operate. If it has healed too much to operate, we'll talk about other options. Thankfully, I'm not in a lot of pain. It's just inconvenient and awkward. And I look pretty funny too. Feel free to point and laugh...I can handle it! :)

Yesterday morning I took the kids grocery shopping, which was FUN. Ok, maybe not. I hobbled around with 2 broken bones, and 2 whiney kids for 2 hours...came home 2 tired 2 move! But anyways, on the way out to the van, I can't remember what I said that impressed him, but Corban remarked in astonishment, "HOW did you KNOW that?" I shrugged my shoulders, "I guess I must be pretty smart!" He climbed into the van and sat down in his seat, "But you're NOT a GENIUS!" I was pretty crabby at that point, but even I had to laugh right out loud at that one!!

Jadon has been addicted to basketball since before he could walk, but lately it's hit an all new extreme. "Wilson" has actually become a part of the family. We had to take a "mini Wilson" on vacation with us and thankfully it worked because at home he will accept no replacements. It's his security ball! He actually sleeps with it! So yesterday I took some official pictures in an attempt to make Wilson feel like part of the family. We might as well accept it since it seems he's not going anywhere. And of course, Daddy's actually pretty happy about it. ;)

And here's a cute candid moment I caught between the boys. Totally unprompted. I love it!

One more Corbanism before I sign out (Bex, thanks for the inspiration). Just now Corban came up to me and said that when he grows up he'll give me one hug and kiss and then go find a job. I said, "Only one? You don't have to move FAR away! You could live close by and come see me and give me lots and lots of hugs and kisses!" To this he replied, "Well, I don't know where God is going to put my town yet! He might put it a long ways away and I have to live in it if that's where he puts it!" LOL...the world truly does revolve around you when you're four years old, doesn't it?

Have a fabulous day everyone!

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