Quit Stealing Cold Turkey!

Since contracting help with my housework, things have understandably been a little difficult to find some days. Not bad at all, I'm just adjusting to not being able to say, "Now where did I put that?" and eventually conjure up the answer. I'm totally getting used to it, however, today I had a case that simply took the cake...or...rather, the turkey.

As I got lunch ready for the kids I was already thinking about dinner so I pulled out two tubular frozen turkey packages and set them on the stove side by side so that I could then put them in the crockpot when we were done eating. I ran around the kitchen doing other things and intermittently saw Jadon trying to reach up and touch them. I shooed him away and he moved on to other mischief. Rush, rush, rush, we were late for nap time, so I hurried the boys upstairs with crackers still in their fists. Kissed them both on the foreheads and tucked them in. Finally a moment of peace, I reach the bottom of the stairs and regroup, thinking of what I need to do to get ready for my trip tomorrow. DINNER. I headed towards the kitchen to get the crock pot going. When I arrived, I found that there was only one turkey package left on the stove. I looked around. Did I set it somewhere? Why would I have picked it up and moved it? I immediately thought of Jadon. He's definitely mischevious enough to do it, but how far would he get with a frozen package of turkey in his bare hands? I guestimated about 5 feet MAX and checked the surrounding floor space. Nowhere to be seen. I thought, would Corban have taken it? NOoooooo...Corban? I looked further away from the stove because he could probably hold onto a frozen turkey package for about 30 seconds longer than Jadon. I checked the livingroom, the dining room, the shoe bin, under the couch...no turkey anywhere. I started to wonder what on earth I would do if it didn't turn up? Leave for my trip tomorrow and let James discover it the hard way? Ewww. That was not an option. Hmmmm. I walked to the bottom of the stairs and called for Corban. He came out of his room and stood looking down at me from the top of the stairs.

"Corban, I know this is weird, but have you seen Mommy's turkey from on the stove?"


"Seriously???? Well, go get it!"

He disappeared back up stairs and produced the turkey package.

"What in the world did you do that for?"

Corban: "When I nap my feet get hot and I wanted something to keep them cold for me."

Hand washing, sheet changing, and stifled laughter.

Oh my. If this is age 4, what am I to expect at age 14!?!?!

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