Romania: Day 3 (WAY TOO MANY PIX)

Ok, brace yourself, this is the longest post EVER. But for the parents and family who are reading, I really wanted to share pictures of everyone in the group so you can get a sense of what's going on. And of course, I have to post a few artsy pictures just cuz that's what I do here on my little bloggy...

We started out our day preparing and planning for VBS. Lots of materials were pulled out and distributed. Some of the teens practiced making balloon animals, others worked on their magic tricks (aka comedy act). We brushed up on a few Romanian words, although I don't feel like I retained any of that!

Late morning, we headed out by foot to tour Oradea. Of course, the streets are full of things to take pictures of. I love the gates and the gardens, the narrow streets and the view from the hill. It's all so much to take in and capture! I constantly lag behind and then run to catch up so I can get equal camera time with the scenery and the group activies!

The Fink's neighborhood streets are being worked on. It's really quite a bit like street work in guy works and the other three stand around to give advice. :) Notice how narrow the street is when this is going on...and that's for TWO way traffic! YAH. That's what we thought too!
Some local color.

Where we stopped for some authentic food for a snack.

Some good laughs shared by all...if you can keep a straight face while looking at these, check your pulse.

My amazing and devastatingly handsome husband...:)

A parallel park job that even Kari and Sarah couldn't imagine.


Shopping and getting used to currency differences! They use the Lei, so many "Oh Lei, oh lei oh lei oh lei" jokes came up.

Joe, this one's for you.

And this is just bonus material.

Some of the apartment blocks where most people live.

Rich doesn't think that I want to post pictures of him because he's not interesting. That's simply not true. See...he's QUITE interesting. Interesting is a great word for it. lol.

Darrin and Chrissy being cute.

The guys who think they're too cool for words.

Caption: Dude, where'd you get that cooool hat?

At lunch, we were approached by a couple of boys begging for food/money. Of course, it's not a great idea to promote the begging industry by giving them cash to take home to their parents who are making them roam the streets like this. But Mr. Fink told them we could give them food. So Josh and James gave up half their sandwiches to them. The kids ate like they were starving.
A street shop.

Lena's too short for the tram. :)

A produce stand with a grumpy lady who didn't want her picture taken. woops!


Kara and Lena modeling some jewelry for us...

Amazing architecture.
The cool ones who remembered their sunglasses.

A homeless person's hole. :(

Our group! Plus missionaries Eileen, Matt, and Pastor Fink.
Matt taking a nice jump shot
Rich: Jump, Chrissy, I'll catch you!
We found this Romanian monkey in the tree!

A gekko.

The Oradea station.
Dinner tonight!
A tired youth pastor and his wife.
Lena looking oh so innocent after just dumping water on Sam from the balcony. lol. Video footage on that when we get home!

Tomorrow starts VBS. I'm off to bed. have a great day, everyone! Thanks for your prayers!

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