Austin & Julia are Engaged!

Austin is one of my husband James' good friends...they'd been buddies for years and we've just grown to love him so much. He's one of those all around GOOD guys that are few and far between. We were excited to hear that he was dating this really adorable girl, Julia, but hadn't met her yet. Austin seemed so happy though, so we were really happy for him. Then they got engaged and of course, I got the picture call. I was so excited that I finally got to meet Julia, and even MORE excited that they turned out to be such a perfect fit for each other! Just as smart, stable, and sensitive as Austin is, Julia is his smart, stable, sensitive counterpart. The kind of couple that once you see them together, you just feel like they always have been. For their engagement session, we did sessions in Shipshewana and Bonnyville Mill, where they spent a lot of time while they were dating. Check out how much fun this was:

Basketball was really no contest. Julia had SKILLS! lol

This picture makes me smile! I love it!

LOVE the antique feel with the vintage Americana sign in the background!

Bridget caught these two shots! Great angles and use of surroundings!

Julia has the coolest crystal blue eyes...

When on location with me, you can almost BET if there's water, I'll be finding some way to get you IN it. :) These guys were almost as excited as I was about this shot...ALMOST.

This is one of my fav's. Drama. Intensity. All the good elements of a love story.

The trees ALMOST make a heart for them. See it?


Congrats, you two! I'm sorry I can't do your wedding, but you're all warmed up for some great fun shots on your wedding day!

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