The Courtrights, Drama King, and 9 years of bliss

Nine years ago. That's one less than a decade. That feels like SUCH a long time all of a sudden. Thankfully, it's a sudden realization. I spend every day so amazingly in love with my husband that most of the time it feels like we're still newly weds. It's as if the past 8 years, I haven't even realized time was passing. He still whole heartedly does every sweet little thing that he did when we were first married. He opens my car door, he kisses me goodbye in the morning, he calls at lunch to see how my day is going. He somehow finds the mental ability to handle the stresses of his own daily grind and still have plenty of interest and energy to help me with mine. He gives the boys 110% of his attention and energy when he gets home from work, while I get another 115%. He supports me in my endeavors with an enthusiasm that motivates and inspires me. I really don't know how he does it! He makes it all look so easy. I'm so blessed. So here's to my wonderful husband, James...Happy Anniversary, honey, I love and adore you!

While we're on the topic of family happiness, I thought I'd share a quick little Corbanism that made me smile today. During nap time, Corban came downstairs asking for a bandaid. Not wanting to add to his repertoire of acceptable excuses to get out of bed, I took one look at it and said, "It's not bleeding, you can wait till after your nap." He slowly climbed the stairs with a dejected posture, head hanging, arms limp, "Will children ever be loved again, Mom? I don't think so." I laughed at his newfound world view. I'm sure it's all the OTHER children in the world he's so worried about. lol. Such a drama king.

Lastly, lest everyone think I've been slacking off this week, I do have some pictures to show! A sneak preview of the Courtright family photo session honoring Mr. and Mrs. Courtright for, I believe, 50 years of marriage!?! I say this hesitantly because as I look at them, I think REALLY, FIFTY? They have so much spunk for being married 50 years! Amazing.

Here are just a few of my favorites...

All five kids smiling at once? IT CAN BE DONE! You should have seen how stupid I had to look to get it, but HEY...all in a day's work.

There are lots of great couples shots that I caught, but this is a favorite because of the sun flare and the happiness of it. I just love it!

The twins are a set of energizer bunnies, so this was a super awesome shot to catch! Both looking, smiling, and hugging so cutely? Perfection.

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