Kissin' Cousins

I don't have little girls of my own...I have two sons, 6 brothers, and a husband...only one little sister who was born after I moved out of the house. So I find it EXTRA fun when I have cute little girls in adorable sun dresses coming in for pictures! These two were such willing models with perfect smiles!

Cousin Jack is the only boy so far, so he gets a lot of attention. This ended up being one of my FAVORITE pictures of the day!

There is a more picture perfect version of this, but I'm in love with little Sophia's expression on the end. She's giving her cousin such a funny look! It makes me laugh every time I see it!

Again, there's nothing like a good laughing picture to cheer the heart! A group of children sitting perfectly still looking at the camera is so unrealistic! Highly sought after, but seldom achieved! lol. Personally, I crave these personality shots that tell you what happy, interactive children look like.

The hard earned "all eyes on me" picture!! yay! Miracles do happen!

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