Another Piece of the Puzzle

Well, here's some more details. I'm sorry to string this out! I'm really NOT trying to play games with all of you! REALLY! I SWEAR! I'm figuring this out as I go, and when I do, I'm sharing it with you!

The contest for 1 free seat in the class will begin on October 23rd at 10pm EST. That's a Thursday. It will last for one week. I am SOOOO excited about this contest because,'re going to LOVE doing this! It's not one of those contests that makes you look like an idiot! It's not hard. It's not complicated! It's going to be uber awesome! And it comes with a really big announcement!

Then, after the one free seat is determined, open registration will begin on October 30th at 10pm EST. That's also a Thursday. I figured 10pm on a weekday would be about the most fair time to do it because most of you will be home at that time and my west coast friends will also be into their evening. Don't ask me to move it, I can't give any preferential treatment to anyone, for fairness, so mark your calendars and synchronize your watches! I'll be going by the time on my computer, which is the Windows standard for EST, so I think that we should all be on the same page. I'll be pushing the post button on my computer at exactly the turn of 10:00pm, but can't be responsible for any malfunctions or delays caused by problems on the web, etc. The first 9 to sign up will still be the 9 who get in, and I'm afraid that's the only sane way I know how to do it.

I can't possibly do another post without a picture, so here's a recent one of my boys. Aren't they awesome? These are those moments that make me truly happy, to the core, that I'm a photographer. I love having these moments well documented. This picture reminds me of what Corban says about 5 times a week: "Jadon, you're my BEST friend." And Jadon, who doesn't talk yet, just smiles and soaks it up. I just love it!


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