Keeping the Desk Chair Cushy

As we plowed, almost literally, across several states for our family Thanksgiving celebration, I decided that instead of just holding my camera in my lap waiting for those crazy moments that only happen when you DON'T have it, I'd stretch my imagination a little bit and see what kind of artistic pictures I could take from the confines of my vehicle. Amongst my photographer friends we have a little thing we try to do called GOYA (Get-Off-Your-Arse) where we encourage each other to let the cushions on our desk chairs return to their original shapes while we go shoot...*gasp*... JUST for FUN! This is something we pros rarely get to do anymore! Of course, our jobs are TONS of fun, but the good ol days of just lazily wandering around shooting every little thing in sight and experimenting with new techniques is often traded in for the high-adreniline, fast paced world of shooting on demand. It was nice, for once, to just lazily shoot again and see what art I could make under no pressure at all. But can I count it as a GOYA...technically? Hmmmm...I'm gonna say yes. My desk chair feels a little more cushy now than before I left it.

Here's my artistic representation of what the world REALLY looked like.



And HERE is what the world looked like to my crazy little mind:






nelson701.jpgnelson709.jpgnelson727.jpgnelson676.jpg This is our little mini van speeding towards home!


And THIS is, of course, is the almost-five-year-old love of my life who, along with the almost-three-year-old joy of my soul, truly keeps my desk chair from any excessive overuse. :)


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