Amy said YES!

Amy and Steve...oh, how to introduceAmy and Steve??? Everything about this couple and this story is so out of the ordinary! First off, let me tell you about them and THEN I'll tell you how I fit into this crazy little puzzle. Steve and Amy have known each other...quite well...since elementary school. They went to school together and Steve was best friends with Amy's older brother, Randy, so he was already a pretty permanent fixture in her world. After school they even spent a little time working together for Randy who owns his own construction company. But only just a few months ago did it ever occur to either of them that maybe they should have something more than friendship! After a weekend trip with help a friend move...something made them each do a double take! They talked non-stop the whole weekend and when he dropped her off at home, Steve fixed Amy's VCR, and that was it! Her heart was his! Just like that. There wasn't much more to know about each other...Steve was nearly family already and they knew each others pasts...the only thing left to talk about was the future!

I found myself involved in this little vortex of happiness when Amy and Steve came to me and asked me to photograph their wedding. Now, my husband and Randy are also best bud's, so I've known Amy...and known OF Steve...for quite awhile...their family is comprised of some of the happiest, most fun-loving, willing-to-help people I've ever met! I was very excited that they were dead set (and I do mean DEAD SET) on having me do their wedding pictures. It's almost like shooting a family's an honor and a privilege but a personal joy as well. The only thing was, when I met with Steve and Amy about their wedding, they had a date picked, but...AMY HAD NO RING! But never fear, Steve had A (half secret) PLAN. That plan involved a trip...and James and I were invited. YIPEE!

We took off yesterday morning at 8am. See that look on Amy's face? SHE knows where we're going, and why! And she drove like a woman on a mission! :)


The sun came up and it was beautiful. Ten minutes later we were driving through a blizzard. Ten minutes after that it was gorgeous again. But ten minutes after that...well, you get the idea. It was a little bit of a weather roulette game and we wondered which we were going to land on when we arrived at our destination!


Here we are! Anyone recognize it?


Amy discovers the details of her destination...dinner in the Skylon Tower! It was clear and beautiful out, but COLD! Oh my was it ever cold. We're guessing it was 10 degrees or less...and windy! But nothing warms you up like being in love...and...


...a warm drink at Starbucks! :)


The Skylon Tower during the day...


...kind of looks like something from Star Wars at night...very dramatic!


I looooooove this picture! One of my favorites of the entire day!


The restaurant rotated once every hour so we could view the entire area. It was absolutely breath-taking!



I ejoyed spending New Year's Day on top of the world with my amazing husband! He's my night in shining armor!





After dinner, we braved a few shots outdoors on the observation deck, but the wind was VEEERRRRYYY strong and super cold! Look at these two...I'm not sure they even know where they are! Love this shot feels like a super hero romance, doesn't it?



Our view for the evening! Amazing...simply stunning.


The moment of truth! Braving the wind and the cold (us now safely behind glass, giving them some "space" haha)


I think that's a YES, what do you think??



We enjoyed the view and relaxed for a little while longer. It was certainly the very coolest place to spend the last day of 2008!




The oh-so happy couple in the elevator on the way down...


When you're in love, you make the world around you photogenic!


Mission accomplished!!


Now, my story would simply not be complete without mentioning the very sarcastic Canadian Border Patrol who truly made our day! It was a conversation that REALLY should have been video taped, but had I attempted that, caused us to be detained and miss our dinner reservation, I don't think we'd be laughing so much about it right this will have to do...

Female Border Patrol Guard: Happy New Year's folks, where you headin'?

Amy (from the driver's seat): Niagara Falls.

BPG: Alright, and what do you plan to do there?

...Brief silence...

Steve (pointing to Amy): I'm gonna ask her to marry me.

BPG (eyebrows shoot up): Um...I hope that wasn't supposed to be a surprise!

Steve and Amy quickly: No, no, it's planned! I (she) know(s) about it!!

BPG (shaking her head at us while we start laughing): So you've got a ring?

Steve: Yes Ma'am.

BPG: ...and you're going to propose to her at Niagara Falls? And I suppose you're gonna say yes?

Amy: Yes.

(I'm not sure, but I think after this little exchange, they may actually be legally married in Canada now. lol)

BPG: Okaaaaaaay. Well, who are these two in the back? Can you roll the back window down please?

Me (leaning over to see her, waving and holding up my camera): Hi! I'm the photographer!

BPG (didn't know her eyebrows could go higher): What do you do for a living?

Me: This is what I do...I'm a professional photographer.

BPG: You hijacked a professional photographer for the long have you known her?

Amy (laughing): Five years? Maybe more...

BPG (pointing): ok, so YOU are going to Niagara Falls to propose to HER and SHE is going to take pictures...who's this guy?

Me: That's my husband.

BPG: And what's he got to do with all this?

Me (pointing): Well, he's best friends with HER brother.

BPG: So he's just along to carry the bags. Basically the bag boy.

Me: Uh, yah.

BPG: Alright...well, you guys have a lotta fuuuuun, and (looking at Amy)...ACT SURPRISED?!

The BPG on the way back deserves a shout out too...while spot searching our trunk he found Amy's box of Fudge Rounds and shouted up to us that Ho-Ho's were better. I'm beginning to think I like Canadian Border Patrol Guards...!

I love hanging out with people in love...the world looks brighter and everything's sunshine and roses...and Steve and Amy are DEFINITELY and DEEPLY in looooove!! They get the prize for THE single best statement of the night...(besides, of course, the whole "will-you-marry-me" and "yes-squeal-yes" thing).

BPG#2 asked them when their wedding was and when they answered, he said, "Why did you pick that date?"

Amy said, "Cuz it's the only day that worked for our photographer!"

The guard said, "Who's your photographer???" They simultaneously pointed to me. He said, "Wow, you are REALLY sucking up aren't you?"

Steve laughed, "Yep, but she's the best photographer in the worrrrrrrld!"

Thankfully, there's no breathalizer for love, but if there was, we'd probably still be sitting in a guard station, shooting the breeze with a couple of cooky Canadian BPG's. :)

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