Nolan: He's 1!

Nolan's my little BUDDY! I just love this kid! While I'm excited that he's 1 now, I'm sad because it brings us to the end of our frequent photo play dates! It's been fun watching him grow up! I knew Mom and Dad before he was born and I know how long they waited and prayed for him, so he's an extra special blessing: he's an answer to prayer! I think of that every time I see him! And his smile just lights up all of our lives. Here's some pix from Nolan's home-session...a great example of the new direction we're going with baby sessions here at Rawsii!

Here's Nolan welcoming me. I think he's sayin', "Hiiiii! Come on in! Wanna play???"


I'm posting this a bit late...this was back around Christmas time! I could have gotten away with it except I had to go and have a favorite that involved a Christmas tree ornament! lol.


Serious or smiling, this kid is adorable! I love capturing all kinds of expressions in a variety of places.


nolan12_069.jpg I personally love this shot! I love to see kids in proportion to items in their home environment...this table for instance...if it stays in the family for a few more years, this picture will remind Mom and Dad of how Nolan could barely see over it when he was 1. And look at that great grin to boot!


Ok, but THIS is the cream of the crop! He was CHEESIN' by this time! And I loooove the hat! Sorry Vince, I think it's awesome!


With reactions like this, maybe I should go into stand-up comedy. I dunno.


Mom started gettin' him ready for nappy and got him down to his onesie...he was getting happier and happier with every layer that came off! I love this look! It says: FREEDOM!


We pushed Nolan's nap way past late, but he did awesome! He was still happy right up to the last second, playin' peek-a-boo with his Mom and I. With giggles like this, I couldn't help's contagious!


But it was finally time for nap...time to settle down and sleep. Isn't this a sad goodbye?? Awww...


Happy 1-year, Nolan!!!

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