Music and Monster {Linzy}

Linzy is a MONSTER! And she's proud of it! This girl drinks so much Monster she's probably turning green behind the ears! So it was only natural that we had to include a little Monster madness in our photo shoot. We also incorporated some other things Linzy loves...skateboarding, playground equipment, and a favorite spot in the woods. ALL the pictures turned out fantastic, but here's some of my fav's...LOVE LOVE these:








I saved the best for last...this one was born of pure on-the-spot inspiration! We were driving down this road and I saw the sky and the horizon and the empty road and I screamed STOP!!! Ok, I didn't scream, but I did rudely interrupt. And here's what we came up with...definitely my favorite shot of the day, and Linzy's too!


Thanks Linzy! You're awesome and I loved working with you! Keep on rockin'! See ya for more pix next year!

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