Andrew and Britany Engagement

My ultimate photographic passion is personalization. There's nothin' like it. I absolutely LOVE to photograph people in an environment that tells their story. I just so happen to have some of the most amazing clients with the COOLEST stories to tell. I get SO excited to share these that it's hard to even sit still. :)

Andrew and Britany are getting married this Fall and when I'm with them I can just FEEL the relief that it's almost here! It has been a LONG haul for both of them, going to school and driving between Indy and Chicago every weekend. Britany is an Equine Veterinarian which required some intense schooling and Andrew is a Chemical Engineer, which might as well be Rocket Scientist to me. But despite their hard earned titles, they remain so intensely REAL, enjoying life and each other in a way that feels like a cool breeze on a hot day, smells like freshly cut grass, bonfires, and hamburgers on the grill. It's relaxing and refreshing.

They met while sailboat racing. How cool is THAT??? We started out at the marina they launched from that night they met. Isn't it gorgeous there? And aren't they ADORABLE??? These pix give me the warm fuzzies like a weekend chick flick!




Britany is stunning...and this picture totally rocks my world (and I happen to know it rock's Andrew's too!)


This is the exact dock where their boat was launched that night. There just happened to be an adorable little table and chairs sitting there...I couldn't resist.



Maggie is their "baby." Isn't she awesome? She was a little confused by all this PDA and papparazzi coverage. lol!



It was COLD out but they did a great job heating things up ;)


One of my personal fav's...I really want to print this huge and decorate a whole room around this one...


Lake Michigan was oddly calm and smooth...I had never seen it like that! It was soothing.




Another personal fav...and nearly straight off the camera. I upped the contrast a little, but otherwise, SOTC.


A little lighthouse magic...


Aren't they gorgeous?


This just summarizes everything about Andrew and Britany...


For all of you out there who may find yourself in front of my camera, I will warn you of a bad habit I have...first, I promise I'm done in "two more minutes." Then I see "one more shot." Twice. Then on the way back to the car, I see "one more shot." haha. BUT, in my defense...this shot was TOTALLY worth stopping for! Right?!?!


Andrew and Britany, I'm TOTALLY psyched about your wedding this Fall! Can't wait for the vineyards and the gorgeous fall colors! Thanks for braving the cold, for being SO in love, and for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I'm honored.

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