It's Summertime in my Head...!

There's snow on the ground, frost on the windows, and as I work on the computer in the evening, my right hand on the mouse gets really, really cold way over there so far away from any heat source (seriously, I kid you not!). BUT, I am super charged with spring and summer energy already!! Why? Because I am cooped up in the house right NOW, but I have a lot to do to get ready...we're headed to so many fun places that my mind is already flying!

First we'll be taking the whole family to Florida to see Grandma, lil bro Jas who's at PCC, and some of our good friends from hs and college. A month after that I'll be headed to Myrtle Beach to photograph Paul and Crissy's much anticipated beach wedding. I'll be taking my lovely photographer friend Katie with me. We're so excited for a fun road trip and the AMAAAAAZING pictures we're going to get on the beach. Prior to heading out there, we're both going to gather some inspiration from Jerry Ghionis at a seminar in Detroit. I expect the seminar to be phenomenal! After Myrtle Beach, James and I will be going to California! Neither of us has been that far west, so I'm psyched! I'll be photographing a 50th anniversary ceremony and reception for the grandparents of my good friend Jennifer. I'm looking forward to touring Yosemite and maybe we'll venture as far as San Francisco. Our flight to CA will be a little practice run for our next trip because a month later James and I will be going with our church group to Romania for a missions trip!

That's about it! I'm already mentally running through all these trips trying to figure out how it's all going to work! SO much to think about and to plan! I'm not sure if breaking free of the winter blues in February gives me enough time to plan for all of it, but better late than never! lol

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