Colton & Kirah

I was pretty stoked to meet new baby Kirah...her big brother Colton has always been so much fun and I knew she'd be cute as a button! Well, I was right! Kirah is just as fun and totally adorable, but decided she couldn't just ride her brother's reputation...she had to make a very unique name for herself. She set SEVERAL studio records over here! Longest length of "awake time" for an infant...Most undiapered poops EVER (dare I guess a conservative 15?)...AND farthest projectile spit up! We were laughing SO hard, and I feel free to share this because Kirah's mommy is a longtime friend of mine...Kirah REALLY did NOT want pictures and I don't thinks she could have made it any more clear! LOL. However, as you'll see below, she didn't completely outsmart us!

Dusty & Kristin, congrats on the new family addition and thanks for your patience! I love working with you and can't wait to see Kirah grow up to be just as gorgeous as her mama!

And Colton...dude, you ROCK! ;)

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