The Fantastic Four (I.S. style)

This shoot was WAY out of my photographic box (don't worry, I haven't joined the dark side! lol) On Saturday some photographer friends and I did a photo shoot in an abandoned synagog. What a COOOL location for a grunge session! Thanks to Conrad for hooking us up. And to my good friend Jennifer from Emblazon Salon for the amaaaaazing hair and makeup concepts!

While shooting, I was trying to think of a story to tell with these models and this location, because pictures are always cooler when they tell a story, but I couldn't see the forest for the trees. I wasn't seeing the big picture so I was drawing a complete blank. But when the 3rd round of hair and makeup came about and we headed to the damp and REALLY grungy basement for some super dramatic pictures at the end of the night, I think that's what pulled the story together for me. I saw the pictures when I got home and I instantly saw a story unfold about four mutants hiding away in an abandoned building, shunned by society. But at night...when the moon comes out...they transform and emerge from the underground as unlikely street heroes. (I know, it's all been done, but here's my own artistic spin on it)

The moon comes out and the transformation begins...
(I know, it's a little bit creepy, but remember, we're making a movie here. lol)

Presenting...the whole decked out dramatic team of underground superheroes!
They really WERE our super heroes because it was so cooooold
and we shot for about 4-5 hours. They were SO great to work with!
Thanks Kristin, Brooke, Aleigha, and Cody!

Here's some behind the scenes footage...

And here's a picture that is really too dark for my taste...
it totally reminds me of a vampire movie, and I HAAATE
vampire movies! I didn't include it in my storyline cuz
it cast too dark of a feel and that's not really
how I pictured my story. BUT, being a photographer
right to the very core, I LOVE this picture for the
lighting technique, which was Joe's little masterpiece.
It involved atleast 4 lights, maybe more...
we have a strobe all the way in the balcony so that
there's backlighting for the chandelier. While I shudder
just a little if I truly look at the picture, I'm hoping you can
see it like I can cuz the level of complexity is pretty cool.

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