Ryan and Lil' Jen are Engaged!

Ryan & Jen are gettin' married!
Lil' Jen is a stylist at
the fabulous Emblazon Salon in downtown SB and
Ryan is her full time Prince Charming
(oh, and he does plumbing in his spare time! *wink*)
They are SUCH a cute couple!
This session's primary purpose was to
end up with wedding invitations,
so here's what we ended up with
(minus details to ward off the papparazzi)

And we figured with all these CUTE pictures,
we might as well make their RSVP cards
super adorable too!
The only problem is, some people
may not WANT to send these back! LOL!

Here's some of the other cute pictures we got that were
really difficult not to use!

This one was JUST for fun...it had no chance for the invitations!
But I love how Ryan and Jen have so much fun together!
This picture captures so much personality!

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