Chad proposed...Ginny said YES!

Chad's quite a convincing guy...he called me to ask if I'd photograph his proposal to Ginny and I immediately said, "YES!!!" But my enthusiastic response paled in comparison to Ginny's when he asked her Friday night, "Will you marry me?" It was one of the most amazing things I've photographed...almost as cool as a birth, and in some ways, it IS like a birth...the birth of a marriage!

Chad's surprise to Ginny went something like this:

Date night at Macri's, reservations at 7:00..."WOOPS, they're running behind, so let's take a walk down the East Race. " As they rounded the corner, I waited with my camera ready, pretending to take pictures of the falls. The walked into my view finder, Ginny still unaware that the camera was really focused on HER!

But when Chad got down on one knee and my camera started machine-gunning, she figured out pretty quickly that she was the main attraction!

I couldn't hear what Chad was saying over the roar of the falls, but I'm kind of glad because that made it a very personal moment for them. But he said something that made her laugh...


...out came the amazing trillion diamond, which Ginny will have to be careful wearing...her left arm might bulk up from the extra weight!

Here's the enthusiastic YES!

Look at her checking out the ring one more time...SO CUTE! I don't blame her! It's REALLY amazing!

The adorable couple...

The amazing ring...

I love this shot...SUCH a happy moment, and Chad's so adoring of her!

To be expected, Ginny was quite stunned!

They headed off, back to Macri's for dinner and then to a surprise party that Chad planned so Ginny could tell her friends and family the good news. Just seeing them together, I know they're well on their way to happily ever after! Congrats guys!

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