Lily & Caden

Oh my GOODNESS! SO many favorites from this session! There are several more, but I can't make the WHOLE session a sneak peek! HA! Lily and Caden were fabulous models. Caden a baby! Or atleast, he slept the way people MEAN it when they SAY that! And when he was awake, he was really chill and mild-mannered. Lily was up past her bedtime, and did fabulous in spite of it! She kept her perfect little princess attitude the whole time!

Baby Ballerina

LOVE this one! Look how Caden puts his hand on Daddy's face! AWWWW!

Another picture perfect moment!

Who could say no to these eyes?

I love this shot because it shows Lily's happy, vibrant personality!

If you look up the word "Chill" in the dictionary, I bet Caden's name is in there somewhere.

Blessing: May your time out bench always collect dust...and sleeping babies.

Daddy noticed right away that Lily's dress looked like a heart in this picture...pretty cool (and totally Lily's spontaneous creation!)

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