Inspired by my bff Bex, I have decided to use this space to periodically document some quotes from my 4-year old son Corban, hence the term "Corbanisms." They're just too enjoyable to keep to myself...

The other day Corban came down the stairs slowly, still groggy from his nap. His forehead scrunched and eyes squinted: "I smell customers." I said, "You mean you heard customers?" Corban: "No, I smell them." (they had just left, but they didn't smell!)

After asking Jadon to play with him and being turned down: "I wish I had a girl brother."

When Daddy woke up after napping on the livingroom floor this afternoon: "In my head I said like, 'What is TAKING Daddy so LONG to wake up?'"

My favorite...He told Bridget he'd like to go on a date with her, so she asked if he could take anyone on a date that he wanted to, who would he take: "Mommy." TALK about MELTING MOMENTS!

Ok, back to pictures...

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