Micah's 3-month Pictures

This little three-month CUTIE is Micah! This very first frame of the session, I said, "Ok, Micah, one practice shot..." and he gave me this HUGE grin! I thought to myself, "Oh, THIS is going to be EASY!" LOL. And it was. He hammed it up really nice...

Micah's version of "the thinker":

I LOOOOVE this one! He just threw his head back and LAUGHED like he had not a care in the world!

Such expressive toes! To me, it looks like he's saying, "Hold on just a sec..." with his feet! hee hee

Such stylin' hair at 3 months old!

This picture makes me imagine what he's going to look like when he grows up. He looks so mature!

Modeling is SUCH hard work...really tuckers a kid out!

Shawn & Lori, this was just a sneak peek of my favorites! The rest will be posted in the next week or so on my ordering site!

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