California: Scenes from Days 2 & 3

As I sit here uploading wedding pictures from the day, I have a few minutes to share pictures from Friday and Saturday. This first one is a brush fire that we caught site of from across a lake. We were trying so hard to figure out if it was a control burn or something accidental, but right now, under the circumstances, I think most fires in CA are accidental. Firetrucks were racing out and park rangers. The fire didn't get very big, and it was out quickly, but it was still pretty dramatic for us!

We wandered off the beaten path for a few hours and found ranches and living conditions that were absolutely unimaginable. It was 108 degrees out and some of these houses OBVIOUSLY had no air conditioning. This barn below was one of the more scenic sights, although we found some crazy junk lots too.

For some reason I love this picture! It's so simple, but so cool.

Katie, this one's for you. I thought you'd love to know what WEST coast cows look like. Look familiar? lol

I was complaining about all the man-made towers polluting the scenery until I saw this. And then I thought it was pretty cool. :)

The vineyards were gorgeous. I could not get enough of the sights and the smells! MMMMMM!

Aaron and Jennifer did a few winery tours. We were the designated drivers and enjoyed the scenery and the happy passengers. :D

Inside one of the wineries.

A geometric shot of a staircase. I don't know why it's one of my favorites, but it is.

The outside of the same winery. Very modern and artsy. We enjoyed the experience even if we did feel a little weird being the only ones who knew absolutely nothing about wine! :)

Classic wine country...

Well, that's it for today! There are some fabulous wedding ceremony pictures to share, but I probably won't get those up until I get home. Tomorrow we'll be in Yosemite, and from there we're back to San Francisco for one last night before we fly out on Tuesday. The rest of our trip will be a whirlwind, so I won't make any promises! See some of you in a few days!

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