New Little Baby Ayden

I first met little Ayden (well KIND of), when his beautiful Mommy Stacey came in for a belly session. So I was really excited when I got the email that he was born and I could meet him! He was exactly the same size at birth as my first son, so I held him in AWE and amazement...HOW TINY...and how soon you forget that they ever were that small! I certainly enjoyed spending time with Ayden, holding him, snuggling him! What a joy...thanks for sharing him Stacey!

This is such a mature photo for such a little guy! I knew I loved this one the moment I caught it!

A personal favorite of mine...this was about the last shot I got before Ayden decided it was nap time and the look on his face says it ALL: Lady, we are DONE...get OUT of my FACE with that THING! lol

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