Some Time Off Shooting

I'm sure you all think I'm MIA! Well, thanks to my kids getting a pretty nasty flu bug over the weekend, I was forced to take a few days off. It was a rather nice change of pace, although I wish the reasons were more pleasant! We're all better now, though, and getting back into the swing of things. Today I returned from my time off by doing some time-off shooting (so I guess technically I didn't make a full return). It was Michael's birthday today so we celebrated with him at the park. Happy 5th, Michael!!!

Genuine smiles at this age are sometimes hard to come by. This one required a nice big tickle from Mom, which I totally think is the best part of the picture! Makes me laugh.

Here's a real smile! Know what I said? I said, "Say poop!"
And then, "Stick out your tongue and I'll get a picture of it!"


An admirer of the cake...

I enjoyed trying to catch little portraits of some of my kids little buddies. I know I missed a few cuz it started to get a little crazy, kids running around everywhere. But the ones I got are really fun little personality shots!

This is Noah






Micah just so happens to be Corban's best buddy, so here's the two of them...

The whole can SEE how many I could have gotten if I could have tracked them all down! Oh my!

Hotdogs were eaten the way hotdogs were always MEANT to be eaten!

I LOVE this shy smile Michael gave us when we sang Happy Birthday to him!
By the way, he's NOT sitting in a stroller...that's parked behind him! Thought his mother would be happy for you to know that...

Michael's Grandpa cooked hotdogs on the grill (see my two boys strange little Tofurky dogs on the end? lol!)

Michael's FIVE now and it's COOL!

My own little Baby J. The nose injury is looking SO much better! You shoulda seen it a week ago! He's got his Mother's curse of being sadly unaware of the size and proximity of his own ridiculously large feet. :)

If you're waiting for a sneak peek or a session post, don't dispair! I'm not blowing anyone off! These pictures were straight out of the camera with no work involved, so lest you think I put play before work (which actually, when I say it, sounds like it might be something I SHOULD be doing!) I am not!

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