Patrick and Katie's Engagement Pictures

Lifestyle engagement sessions are one of my FAVORITE things to do! Capturing a couple in their own home, or at a location that really says something about who they are at this point in their lives is just FUN...I'm like a kid on a playground, running all over trying out new ideas. Katie and Patrick were particularly fun because they had ideas too! And a ton of cool spots at their own house to work with!

Oscar definitely knows where he belongs...right at the CENTER of attention!

Patrick is a chef, so what would a lifestyle session be without some time in the kitchen? I set Katie up behind Patrick, hoping to capture her expression as he worked...but I couldn't even see Patrick in this first shot!!! For a moment, I was afraid we'd never see him again! lol

But here's a good shot with an impressive flame and a good look from Katie...a little more along the lines of what I expected the first time!

Every good chef has a taste-tester...!
I love this one SO much!

While Katie and Patrick prepped, I couldn't help catching this shot of the inquisitive Oscar. He wasn't quite sure about me yet.

Another of my favorite shots of the day!

A family portrait from Oscar's perspective...

Patrick and Katie, thanks for being up for ANYTHING! Can't wait to see what we come up with for your wedding day! It's going to be a blast!

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