Reinventing Family Photos...

This is my dear friend Deb, who is very VERY awesome and who I wish lived closer so I could spend lots and lots of quality time with! She's a doula (birthing coach) and we met her while preparing for the homebirth of our 2nd son, Jadon. She was a key part of our support system as we set the stage for what was to be one of the most amazing moments of my unmedicated, home, WBAC (water birth after cesarean)! At Jadon's birth, Deb was there, encouraging and helping, taking pictures for us...she was awesome! I adore Ross & Deb's demeanor and their calm, natural way of life. It was so fitting, I thought, to do outdoor candid pictures that would capture their close-knit family relationships as well as their love of natural beauty. I have too many favorites, so this will be a bit of a long post...but worth it! Bear with me because I'm saving the very best for last!

I love the feel of this picture. It's warm and natural.

Poor Emma was fighting the wind for control of her hair. This little moment of frustration happened right before...

...THIS one...isn't it amazing?

Beatiful real life moments...ahhhh, I LOOOOVE them! They melt my heart!

While the first family picture is good, this one is my favorite because it's just REAL.

As the sun started to get low in the sky, I started to see that really yummy light that I was looking for!

Isn't this an adorable moment? Emma and Maris are going to be BEST friends, I can tell! And someday these pictures will be (even more) priceless!

I am truly in love with this picture!!!! Emma was running up to give Maris flowers...

Another couple of REAL family photos...

AND, I said I was saving the best for last, so here it is. My favorite shot of the day...probably one of my favorite shots EVER!

And now, it is nearly 2am, so I'm going to actually go to bed and get some rest. Tomorrow is Jessica and Kenneth's wedding! I'm too excited to sleep! :)

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