T-Ball, or something like it

Today was Corban's first day of T-ball! It was soooo cute, and adorable, and amusing, but one thing it was NOT was regulation T-ball! It closely resembled T-ball, but it was a little more like a 3-ring circus full of monkeys! When asked what their team name should be, there were few coherent responses, so when Corban piped up with, "I want to be a tornado!" and a few moms said "How appropriate...that's about how this is gonna go!" So, they are officially dubbed the Purple Tornadoes. It makes me laugh just to say it, and Corban's pretty excited that he got to pick the team name.

Here's a picture of the team cheer...Go Tornadoes!

Corban up to bat...he swings, he misses, but then by some twist of fate he manages to hit!

On first base, he looked quite a bit like he knew what he was doing. I was momentarily impressed!

Caption: "Duuuude...seriously!"

I love this shot! Corban's feet are both off the ground for this throw! And left handed! (they only had lefty mitts because apparently someone didn't know there was a difference).

Corban on 3rd base, waiting. The team is comprised of three and four year olds, so the three year olds sometimes took awhile to pull their batting skills together. :)

Run home, Corban, run home!

Corban and his best buddy, Micah. They are magnetically drawn to one another and had to be separated several times from a friendly tussle.

One such friendly tussle...lol...

At this level, even playing infield can be a little boring!

I have no idea where he gets such theatrics...

And we're back to boredom...maybe even with a smidge of irritation ;)

I think this was a happy dance?

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you had fun with your buddy!

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