Halle's 2 and Eli's 6 months!

Halle and Eli are some of Jadon's little buddies (their Mommy and Daddy are some of OUR buddies)! We had a good time strolling through the park and then heading back to the studio for these pictures. Halle is such a doll, and Eli has one of the best little baby personalities ever...such a sweetheart! Here's some of my favorites from our fun time together:

Halle's a Daddy's girl through and through:

What a cool cat...

LOOOVE this outfit. What a cutie!

This is likely to become an all to familiar sight in coming years! I'm sure this picture will probably make the senior slideshow as well as the wedding one, with much laughter!

I'm off to CA!!!!! I will try to post as I go because I'll be SO excited to share what I'm seeing (and it would be too overwhelming to do it all when I get back). But I don't know what my internet connection options will be, so if I go AWOL, don't freak!

Bon Voyage!

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