Quick Question for Julie R.

We're all gathered around the blog this morning, reading comments and looking at the pictures together before we move on to the activities of the day. We have a quick question for Julie...can Jonathan stay here and be a missionary intern? He feels like he has finally found his calling in life, caring for the gypsy children and finding a future "esposa" who is using her talents to serve the Lord. She's 14 and is one of the most responsible individuals (including adults) that lives in this village. He has Chrissy's blessing (and encouragement, and maybe forceful implementation). We just need you to say yes, to agree to all this, and we'll be leaving him here. Chrissy is going to take on his full support, so you don't need to worry about that. Really. We're serious. Ciao.

Big bro James is excited about this. He thinks he needs extra room at home for friends to come over more often. LOL.
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