Romania: Day 7 (Last day of VBS)

This morning was rainy, but once again we were blessed with dry weather once we arrived at VBS. The team occupied the kids outside while others set stuff up inside. Each person has a different method of entertaining children...

Jonathan spins them.

Cody throws them...

(normally I wouldn't save a picture that's so out of focus, but this one makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD!)

...Martha hugs them...

...Sam and James make them run till they can't run anymore (by CAN'T I mean Sam and James).

Kara, Lena, and Martha did face painting this morning, which was a huge hit.

These children's eyes are amaaaazing. I love them.
Sack races were demonstrated by James and Jonathan.

Pastor Pete helping out one of the smaller kids who couldn't figure it out...

Then we did the Limbo...
Meanwhile, behind us these little teeny tiny kids were pushing a cart up and down the street. It was positively adorable. I won't post my FAVORITE shot because I don't want to offend anyone, but the little guy with the saggy drawers was losing them at one was SO funny. He had to keep stopping to hike them up. Those are actually bright green tights!
Cody has become particularly attached to a little guy named David (Da-VEED!). They are just inseperable. Today David couldn't be at VBS for some reason, but afterwards, he saw Cody and just RAN up to him yelling and screaming. I think a few tears will be shed over this one when we have to leave. We're all calling our bets.

This little scene made me think of the Little Rascals. The little girl's pants needed to be held up, but she was so serious while she was talking to her friends. It made me laugh.

It's always crowded when it's time to leave...
And here we are at Cheriu for the 2nd half of our day...

James is holding this sweet little blind girl.

It's laundry day at this house!
At Cheriu we did relay races with the big balls.

Everything these kids do is interesting...I think it amuses them that I want to take their pictures even when they're being silly.
One of my favorite shots of the day.
Tomorrow, I'm not sure what all is planned for us...all I know is I get to sleep in a little, HALLELJAH! I know we are having a baptism in Martihaz. Unfortunately, we just found out this evening that one of the people wantint to be baptized passed away. He had cancer and it was expected. At this very moment, actually, Pastor Tim and half of our team are at a short impromptu funeral service for him that they held after the church service.
We have had a couple people sick, but nothing serious. Kari and Chrissy stayed home today, Kara and Martha were feeling a little under the weather, but carried on. I'm noticing a sore throat coming on...but I don't think it will slow me down much.
A few personal comments:
Corban and Jadon we LOOOOVE you and miss you SOOOO much! Can't wait to hear all about your week. Mom and Dad, thanks for spoiling them this week.
Isaac...I love you. Hope you're not too lonely. No, you may NOT. Don't even think about it.
Katie...I'm seeing a lot of horses, but no cows on hills. It's just not the same.
Marka: I'm still waiting for my shipment! Would you put a rush on that please?
Parents of all our teens: Do you have dowry's? That info would be me with figures. lol
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