Tribute to J*

There are many professional photographers who inspire me as a artist, but only one who goes beyond to inspire me in many, many areas of life. Jasmine Star (affectionately, J*) is so much more than a photographer. For those lucky enough to meet her (I could only hope to be among them someday) she is an instant friend. How do I know this?

Hi, my name is Christi and I'm a blog-stalker.

It's true. I am one of her thousands of daily blog readers who feel that commenting would be either arrogantly presumptuous or pathetically obsequious. Nevertheless, we (I) admire from a distance and carry on with life, changed, inspired, and motivated by her bloggish rants. I've NEVER been a celebrity worshiper. Haven't had crush on a movie star since I was 11. Can't stand the hype that surrounds Hollywood. But J* has me hooked! I think if she toured, I'd be a roadie.

What is it that makes J* so special? She's real. She's not afraid to let you laugh with herself. She puts her insecurities and idiosyncrasies right out in front, and then lets the world watch her work through them. She adores everyone and makes everyone else adore them too...everyone she touches turns to gold. She gives, and gives, and gives...and gives some more. She's a celebrity, but sometimes you wonder if she even knows it. I have to think she wasn't any different before she was.

Do I want to be like J*? Oh, some days I think how in the WORLD does one person have so much in the way of talent, personality AND looks? But the thing I like about her most is that she doesn't make me envy her. I don't want to copy her. I don't want to be her. She makes me love to try harder to be myself and make what I have been given work fabulously for me. Of all the things she does well, this is by far her greatest talent. And I think this is why I really feel like I have to share her with all of you.

Thanks Jasmine...!

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