Kenneth & Jessica are Married!

Jessica and Kenneth had waited a long time for this day, and Jessica was not ABOUT to let a single minute slip by without soaking up every single drop of happiness! I think her feet were a few inches off the ground all day! Kenneth had a particular skip in his step as well. It was a great wedding with beautiful weather (until we reached the beach and found a storm rolling in, but that's another story!)

The flowers were gorgeous...

The bride was glowing...

After the reception we went to Kenneth and Jessica's home, which has been in Jessica's family for years, and took some fabulous pictures that they will cherish and pass down to their children for years to come. I absolutely ADORED that we did this! How cool to have pictures at home on your wedding day?

This incorporated the view out their back window, which they love (and I would too!)

The tree in their front yard...

Maybe I'm crazy (ok, I know I am, but you didn't have to agree so quickly) but this old shed is my FAVORITE backdrop of the day. They laughed at me because it needs to be torn down, but I was just WAY too excited for words at such a cool location. The contrast of beauty, romance, and weathered grunge is something I just can't get enough of!

Congratulations, Ken & Jess! I love you so much and wish you all the best!
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