James and Sarah are engaged...Mackinac Island

James and Sarah met when they were FIFTEEN! They were at a school dance and Sarah had just had her heart broken, when James waltzed in to save the day. He asked the crying Sarah if she was ok. Sarah SLAPPED him! HA! But James was not so easily dissuaded. Pretty soon they were dating, and the rest is history. But WAIT...that's not the end! The proposal came about 15 years later, but James, the hopeless romantic did not disappoint! He arranged for a limo to pick Sarah up at the house and drive them up to Mackinac Island. All the way there, she opened hand-wrapped boxes with notes inside stating the reasons he loved her. When they arrived, he found the perfect spot with a view of the sunset and the Mackinac bridge, and he proposed. Mackinac has been a special place for this couple in so many ways, so it ONLY made sense that their engagement session would be there. When they asked me if I would go, I didn't even miss a beat...UM, YAH! Overwhelming beauty surrounded us the entire weekend. I didn't want to leave! It just so happened to be my birthday weekend as well, and I thoroughly enjoyed all the good eating, the touring, the good company of my wonderful husband and our new friends, the laughter, and of course, the AMAAZZING picture taking. I don't even know how to narrow down my favorites. There are too many. If you really only want my VERY favorite, scroll the end and I DARE you not to get side tracked along the way. :)

One of my favorite scenic shots of the weekend.

LOVE Sarah's look in this one.

Sarah is going to be such a gorgeous bride in October!

Can't you just see them as 15 year olds, kissin' over the fence instead of doing their homework!

We got SEVERAL awesome shots at this spot!! And it's a good thing because I was all like, "oooh, oooh, go sit under those trees!" and James and Sarah, being the very willing subjects that they were, plopped down immediately under the trees...that turned out to be dropping red berries all over the ground!!! James' white pants really weren't very white anymore. But it was SO worth it!

There's an over abundance of cute gates and fences and doors on the island...yummy!

This is just exactly where James proposed...
And this is just exactly what Sarah said in response...

This was one of my favorite spots for lighting...Mmmm.

And this one just makes me SMILE so big! I LOOOVE it more than chocolate.

This picture of them looking at the bridge is probably one of the most sentimental pictures we took this weekend.

We had dinner in this cute little diner. I don't remember why I started playing with my camera while we waited for our meal, it was part of a conversation we were having, but this adorable picture came out of it...I was like WOAH...COOOL!

Playing with my new video lights with the bridge in the background. NOT easy, people, let me tell ya! We dodged midnight sprinklers to get there, fumbled with the tripod, my husband held the light behind them, and all of us had to hold still for this long exposure. But WAIT...my log exposure stories don't end there...

This shot just proves what absolute TROOPERS these guys are. It was almost midnight and we found the pitchest blackest spot we could find. They had to hold as still as they could for 10 seconds for this shot. But I LOVE how the stars shine! It's incredible!

If you hire me to be your photographer, you better be pretty trusting. I ask you to do some pretty crazy things. It's one thing to see it in pictures, it's a whole nother thing to be laying in a chained off hillside of flowers with spectators walking up oogling at you. James and Sarah rocked it out...they look as relaxed as if they were the only two people on earth!

James rented all of us some bikes and we took quite a trek around the island. Probably my favorite part of the trip...just feeling the wind in my face and seeing the water, hearing the birds! Wow. We stopped along the way for MANY great shots.

A new found talent of mine: taking pictures while bike riding! Check it out!

She's stopped slapping him, but Sarah still plays hard to get!

James is a bit of a photographer himself, so he had some cool ideas! I just LOVE it when my customers have ideas too! I set them up for a slightly different shot, but ended up liking his take on it even better than my idea!

The Grand Hotel in the background.

Ok, I saved the best for last. That's debatable, I guess, cuz I really love the starry sky picture a lot. But this was the last shot of the day and I am pretty excited about it!

If you made it this far, you're a true fan! I really don't understand how some photographers can post just ONE picture in their blog to represent an entire event. There's so much more to the story! If you're on a photographers blog, obviously you like pictures, so more is better, right? Cash in...vote now...leave a comment and let me know what you think...long blog posts or short ones?
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