Paul & Jill: 10th Anniversary

Paul and Jill are our friends, but Paul is also our assistant Pastor at church. So when Jill asked if I would do some really fun 10th anniversary pictures for them, I was waffling between "Oooooo, THAT sounds like SOOO much FUUN!" and "Hmmmm, I wonder what it's like asking a Pastor and his wife to make out in public??" LOL. Well, guess what? NOT a problem!

These pictures are SO awesome to me. I see NEW love all the time. Engagement sessions and weddings and tiny little babies. New love is fun and wild and crazy. But being married for 10 years can be JUST as amazing. All of you wedding customers of mine, sigh a deep sigh of happiness and contentment and picture yourselves in 10 years: happy, infatuated, completely in love. It might look something like this:

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