Ryleigh's Newborn Pictures

Little Ryleigh is the brand new baby of Chad and Richelle, a couple whose wedding I had the privilege to photograph only a year and a half ago! Chad and Richelle are an amazing, dynamic couple to work with and I immediately fell in love with their entire family! Now, there's a whole new family member to love! Ryleigh follows right in the footsteps of her parents...photogenic, cooperative, fun, entertaining...simply perfect in every way! I couldn't get enough of her! I was holding her and enjoying all the cuddling when I realized, "MOST babies don't sleep long, we better get shooting!" However, Ryleigh broke a record for me. I have NEVER had an infant session go SO quickly and have absolutely NO messes. No surprises, no leaks, no pukes, no "WOOPS!" moments, no nothing! Incredible. She was SO relaxed and so sleepy, we got right to it and were snapping perfect shots in the first 30 seconds. Unheard of in the world of baby portraits! Here's two of the first few pictures we caught. I can't pick between them, so you get to see them both. :)

Now, if you've been in here with your infant recently, you are probably recognizing this next one! I've been attempting to get this shot for who knows how long now! I was so excited to have my first true success. Let me tell ya, this is NOT an easy shot to catch. I won't bore you with the obstacles, just suffice it to say, I'm pretty excited to have finally gotten it! Thanks to all you mama's out there who offered me numerous attempts with your little ones! YOU know what all the obstacles were! LOL!

SO peaceful!

Ryleigh's lovely Mama! Richelle is such a calm and collected Mom. Maybe that's why Ryleigh sleeps sooooo soundly...she senses everything is under control.

Congrats, Chad and Richelle! Ryleigh is beautiful! I'm so glad I don't have to wait a FULL three months to see her again!

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