Reese's Newborn Pictures

Reese didn't look too excited to have her picture taken again (Oh NO, not pictures AGAIN!l!!!)


But she got going and did JUST PERFECT!!! She's not the youngest baby to be in my studio, but I believe she's the smallest, weighing in at just over 6 pounds when these pictures were taken! What a tiny little miracle!!


Anyone who's ever been in here knows my big thing in portraits is PERSONALIZATION! I encourage all my customers to think about what makes them THEM. The background and the props and everything in a picture can say something about you or your child, and I think it should! And as an added bonus, if there are items you'll have around for years to come, it will give you a guage to remember how much your child has grown! Of course, that's not ALWAYS possible, but we do brainstorm. Reese's session was so fun because these items laying next to her are all personal to her family. There are two outfits that have been in the family for generations. In upcoming sessions we'll photograph her IN those outfits, but they wouldn't fit her yet. The hat is Mom's special hat that she wore to her baby shower, and it will be wall decor in Reese's nursery. The pearls are some of Mom's favorites and she wore those in her maternity photo session. The trunk is mine, and I think it pulled all these elements together so nicely to create an antique look.

reesem_041.jpg reesem_085.jpg


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