Ayden is 3 months!

Ayden is one of those adorable babies (as were both of mine) that I like to call "squishy." You just want to SQUISH him, he's so cute! He's got pinchable cheeks (all four!) and is just, well, there's just no better word than squishy! Maybe "perfect" is the word I'm looking for...I think he looks like the Gerber baby, only WAAY CUTER!

Well, as with most babies, I had no problems getting Ayden to smile. I'm funny looking, so one glance is usually all it takes. HOWEVER, the huge camera lens is not quite so personable and entertaining! So every time I would duck behind the camera to take the adorable shot, his HUGE smile would disappear and he'd look away. I began a hyper speed peek a boo...smile, coo, duck, shoot, bob, weave, focus, snap! I never think about it while in action, but afterwards I always get quite a bit of amusement out of imagining how I must look. Some of you are eye witnesses and wholeheartedly agree. HA!

Well, without further ado...here's the star of our show, Ayden...






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