Noah, Olivia, and Chloe

Noah, Olivia, and Chloe gave me NO trouble at all when it came time for smiles! Seriously, folks, I am NOT that entertaining! These guys are just HAPPY KIDS! We started out doing all the normal, safe, sort of traditional stuff. Cuz once you tell a kid to jump and get crazy, there's no going back to that sit-still shot! chloivioah_027.jpg

But they rocked that first assignment out in less than 2 minutes, so we moved on to something a little more creative and relaxed.


I figured why mess with perfection...we had two fabulous and amazing shots of the kids all three smiling together, so we moved on to Olivia's 5 year pictures...this girl has modeling in her veins, I swear it! She responded perfectly to everything I asked her to do, and she gave me these fantastic smiles! I didn't once have to make an idiot of myself...SO unusual!! HA! I could have kept shooting all night long, but with perfection like this, I figured I wouldn't torture Mom and Dad with too many options!





She feels so grown up in this picture! In some of them, I tried to emphasize how small she still is, but in this one I wanted to give her a grown up look.



Here's one where I love how tiny she looks. Still just a little girl in a big world.



And this is the picture we're going to use to convince Mom and Dad she could have college paid for by the time she's eight if she starts her modeling career now! :)


At the end, they were all still happy and cooperative, so I couldn't help but gather the kids together for a few more shots. This is where we got to do some of my favorite type of picture: candid, personality, active shots! I love how in this one they're all connected and interacting. It shows just how real their great sibling relationship is!


This one is my favorite...great smiles and just a little bit of happy movement.


These pictures make me wonder if these three ever fight at all. Doesn't it feel like shots from a parent's utopia?



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