James and Sarah are MARRIED!!

James and Sarah are kindred souls...pictures mean SO much to them, which means they're TOTALLY up for ANYTHING my creative mind can put them up to!! It's days like these when I know I have, hands down, THE BEST job on the face of the earth! Not to mention that, with these guys there was an added bonus: my husband and I got to spend a fabulous weekend in Mackinac Island for their engagement session...by the end of that weekend, we were like old friends just hanging out laughing and enjoying ourselves! It was a blast. AND, Sarah wants to trash her wedding dress, so I'm super excited to be (hopefully, weather permitting) doing that in a couple of weeks. YAY! I LOVE TTD!!

James and Sarah met and started dating when they were 14, so they've been dreaming of this day for a long time! They had everything planned just the way they wanted it. And it was perfect. I talked with them beforehand about the kind of portraits I take and was very glad to hear that they were 100% on board with that. The "formals" were cut super short and we spent a good chunk of time wandering around catching amazing fun moments like these! Now THIS is a wedding party picture, the {smashing fabulous} Rawsii way! I absolutely LOVE it!

culp355a.jpg Some more of my favorites...like scenes from a movie:










It's tough to say, I have so many favorites, but this has to be in my top 3. I love textures and relaxed poses, and a little nature with a splash of fashion. When you mix all that together, you get something that looks quite a bit like this:


I caught this shot in the reflection of the limo ceiling...


I love catching crazy stuff like this when no one's looking...


culp621.jpgCongratulations, James and Sarah! I'm proud and lucky to know you! We'll be hanging out SOON for another round of cards!! And THIS time, I'm kickin' tail! :P

This is my first Rawsii wedding post! I'm looking forward to posting quite a bit more this week now that I have some loose ends in place!

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