Of things to come

All day I've been rushing back to my computer between...well, between EVERYTHING. Change a diaper...peek at the computer...fix lunch...walk past the computer...photo shoot...COMPUTER! Oh, it's gone beyond obsession. I just can't stop STARING at the AWESOMENESS that is on my screen!!! I have mentioned already that I have some big news right around the corner. Some of you who see me on a weekly basis have heard it already because I'm just kind of way too excited to keep it ALL to myself right now. One element of this big announcement is a new blog design (masterminded by my bff Rebecca Miller at Uptown Design Studio) and today I got to see it for the very first time!!!!! I knew that the moment I saw it would be very important. I would either completely "feel the love" or I wouldn't (which was highly unlikely, if you're aware of Rebecca's talents). I was totally prepared to love it, but I was completely UNPREPARED for the flood of tears that came out of NO WHERE. I am not that emotional of a girl, or so I keep telling myself! But what she did with the rough concept I presented her with was ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. She took my high expectations and really blew them out of the water. I can't WAIT to share it with you guys in the next couple of weeks. Other news will come with it, too! So one of these days when you jump over to check out my blog, don't be shocked when it pops up with an all new {smashing fabulous} look! ;)

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