Matt & Toni's Just for FUN session!

I gave a sneak peek of this session last's the full length version!

Matt and Toni were married about a month ago, but on their wedding day first of all it rained, and then we completely ran out of time for any artistic outdoor pictures. Since Matt and Toni are definitely a couple that enjoy the outdoors and love scenic pictures, we decided to use Toni's Trash the Dress session to "trash the tux" as well! As you can see, we didn't get super crazy with it, but we did have a lot of fun running around Matt and Toni's new home town of Madison, WI, finding cool places for pictures and waving like celebrities to everyone who yelled "CONGRATULATIONS!" Get THIS though...We found it pretty odd how many times the question came up, "Did you just get married?" I mean, the three of US were the only ones who knew they'd already been married for a month...WHO in the WORLD asks someone in wedding attire if they just got married?? Wouldn't you just say your congrats and move on? Strange.



This is a pretty standard shot...but I do love it. The bridge, the trees all bright and scraggly, and Matt and Toni gazing into each others eyes. *sigh*


We couldn't take pictures in Madison without catching a few shots by the beautiful Monona Terrace. But we didn't stay long...I was more interested in scenery that really captured the essence of Matt and Toni's lifestyle.




IMO, this is absolutely delicious photography:




This is my vote for the newspaper:


And this is my vote for Vogue:


A little softer version:


This one's for Matt's dashboard so he can see Toni's beautiful smile on his way to work:


Toni totally rocked out the whole acting demure and relaxed deal...she was in tall grass and feeling super arachnaphobic!


I rarely RARELY RAAARELY center a subject in a picture like this, but I really like this one just the way it is. Feels like a scene from a movie.


LOVE Toni's hair in this picture!!!!


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