I'm so lucky! ALL the most ADORABLE kids in town come to me for pictures! There's not a kid in here that couldn't be a model. It's fun taking pictures when there's a never ending supply of amazing subjects to work with! And Daphne is no exception there.

Daphne is likely to be the object of many poems, many sonnets, and I expect maybe a feature film or two! I can't wait to see what lies ahead for her in life. This girl really gets to the core of what I love about taking pictures! She expresses herself. Not only is she beautiful with her striking sapphire blue eyes and long naturally wavy hair, but she is truly wild at heart. In a very vivacious kind of way that makes the main character in a movie both loved and envied. I envision her running through fields in bare feet, hair blowing in the breeze, arms raised to the sky, spinning till she's dizzy and then falling down in the tall grass to watch the clouds. She's most definitely a free spirit. I love taking pictures of children who like to move and play. Stand up, sit down, roll around, jump up and down, flip flop, smile, laugh, and even cry. It's all part of being a kid and Daphne knows exactly how to be a kid for pictures! Except for the crying part...no tears were shed in the making of these images!! I hope you'll enjoy a few of my favorites as much as I enjoyed capturing them:










IMG_8827.jpg IMG_8823.jpg


I think this one is very possibly my favorite of the session!





I think Daphne MIGHT just grow up to be a fashion designer...she really ROCKS at making a statement!


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