Patrick and Katie are MARRIED!!!

I posted this about a week ago, and then retracted it so that we could officially unveil the pictures to the family of the happy couple first. In the process of working through their pictures, I found even MORE favorites than before, so this post has been beefed up just a smidge. Sorry about those of you who left comments before...they got deleted with the post, so feel free to re-comment! I always enjoy hearing from my readers! And I always check out your blog if you leave a comment too...just to find out a little more about who my cool audience is.

Katie getting ready at home:reighter046.jpg

Katie was a radiant bride, with beautiful, natural happiness that made her glow! She reflected SO much joy, that even if you couldn't tell from spending 5 minutes with Patrick (which you TOTALLY can), you'd know he's a good-hearted guy JUST because Katie is so happy being with him.


One of Katie's biggest fans:


Katie's customized Lea-Ann Belter dress was fabulous, and it just followed her around perfectly without a fight, looking flawless in whatever position she stood. She made it look easy to look this good!


These are the brilliant moments I feel lucky to capture. Real, unsuppressed, joyful laughter. I love it!IMG_7402.jpg

Don't you think Katie should be a bridal model? She rocks out these poses with little to no direction!


This is one of Patrick's favorite pictures, so I had to post it! The guys were really fun!


Mary did a fabulous job as the flower girl! I love this shot because I caught the flowers mid-air!

reighter327.jpgDad gave Katie this great look as they were walking down the aisle. I love it because you can tell he's sad, but happy all at the same time, and Katie's eyes are securely focused on Patrick. There's such a story here!


During their vows, Patrick and Katie were adorable...they read vows that they wrote for each other.


Could they look any more relaxed and natural? It flowed like a movie...they were just perfect!


The lucky man who stole Katie's heart! Allow me to introduce Patrick, chef extraordinaire! (more on that later)


The gorgeous ceremony location...



Oscar was definitely an essential part of this ceremony! IMG_7571.jpg Katie and Patrick liked the idea of having a picture of everyone in attendance at their wedding. It went really well, and I didn't fall! Those who know me will know this is a pretty incredible coincidence. Usually I grab every chance I can get!


While I took the picture from above, here's Leah's angle of Oscar! I love this shot!

DSC_0078-2.jpg The happy family! Isn't Oscar ADORABLE?

IMG_7677.jpg Katie and Patrick were up for anything! I love it when a bride and groom let me think outside the box a little...or a lot!

IMG_7794.jpg I think this is my favorite shot of the two of them!



IMG_7831.jpg The lovely flowergirl, Mary, as captured by Leah.




IMG_7852.jpg Another couple of flawless happy moments!


IMG_7877.jpg Leah found this location and I instantly fell in love with it! Ideas began coming quicker than we could even shoot!


IMG_7966.jpg Epic. Just timeless. Isn't Katie incredible?



IMG_8037.jpg A super cool shot from the inside of the limo:

IMG_8045.jpg Katie and Patrick danced a choreographed tango and it was AWESOME. Like Dancing with the Stars awesome. They rocked!

IMG_8122.jpg Picture perfect ending!IMG_7249-2.jpg



I told you there'd be more about Patrick's amazing career. He's an accomplished chef and personally made all the food for the reception. Here's the entree, which was cooked to perfection. He's an artist, most definitely!

IMG_8190.jpg Not a single detail was left unthought of. Candles hung from the trees. The floral pieces were appropriately placed to pull the room together. It was perfectly thought out and felt comfortable and elegant. Props to Katie's sister's family for all of that!IMG_8145.jpg Another shot of Leah' wraps up our coverage of the elegant evening so nicely: DSC_0032-5.jpg

Watch the blog for Katie's Trash the Dress session in a couple of weeks!

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