We have a winner!!! (two, actually)

For privacy's sake, I'll just use first names, but congratulations to Adam, who was my 450th facebook friend! And congrats to Beth, who referred him! Both will be receiving some {smashing fabulous} art for their walls!! Thanks everyone for the enthusiastic response! Especially Carrie, who sent out 160 emails and her friend requests are still rolling in!

I'll be holding more contests very soon...it's so fun giving stuff away! I can see how this could be addicting. Hmmm...maybe I can just turn my biz into a non profit charity and give stuff away ALL the time! Wouldn't that be fun?!?!?!

I'm totally in this great mood right now because 1) I got up at 6am and worked out for an hour before my kids even woke up!!! 2) I'm working on a really cool adoption album for some very good friends of ours. They're going to be adopting their second child and their agency requires an album about their life to help the birth mothers in their decision. It's such a cool project to work on because I get to show a family how awesome their life looks. That is by FAR the best part about my job...showing people how amazing they look to me and to the rest of the world. I truly am inspired by each individual subject that I photograph.

YOU are what makes my photos {smashing fabulous}!

(anyone catching on to the major hints I'm dropping?)
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