We have a winner...our first class member!

Bridget came in for her afternoon shift and I was sitting there with my trigger finger ready...to push the button on the random number generator, that is! Yes, this afternoon it was time to find out who would be the lucky winner of my first contest and receive a free spot in my upcoming class. I hadn't expected to be so nervous and excited about it! There were 751 entries. I placed them in an Excel file so each entry received a unique number. And then I used www.random.org to choose a random number between 1 and 751.

rawsii drawing 1.jpg

As you can see, the number was 72, which was Tish's entry! (the numbers on the right are just numbers to assist me in making sure I gave each person the correct number of entries). So Tish is our winner! Congratulations!!!

rawsii drawing 2.jpg

Thanks to all who entered! I appreciate all of your help in publicizing The {Smashing Fabulous} Wedding Photography Giveaway! Keep the nominations coming in!!! I'm enjoying the good reading!

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