Bring Owen Home!!!

Adoption is a cause very near and dear to my heart. That's because as a believer in Jesus, I am adopted into the family of God. God's love for me is astonishing and humbling. How can we not in turn extend that love to others? It's all part of God's plan, and it warms my heart. I don't know if adoption will ever be in my family's future, but I won't rule it out. In the meantime, I wholeheartedly support several of my friends who have chosen to expand their families through adoption. One of those is my very longest and bestest friend, Rebecca. We've been bff's since we were 6 and 8! She and her husband Andy have four beautiful children, all just as perfect as can be and I love them like my own family. Soon...VERY soon we hope...they will be traveling to China to unite with their new 2 year old son Owen who is waiting for them. I'm so excited to meet this little guy! It's amazing to know that right now this little boy is on the other side of the world, but very soon he's going to be an integral part of all of our lives. I can't wait! Which is why I'm writing about him today...the cost of traveling to get Owen is $9000!! And that's ON TOP of all the adoption fees and expenses they've paid so far...who KNOWS what that total is! Rebecca opened her blog design business to help fund the adoption, and that has been so wonderfully successful (just check out the new site she did for me! Proof!!!). But now it's time for that home stretch, so they've put together an AWESOME fundraiser to help bring Owen home. Check it out by clicking the link below...there are some GREAT giveaways including Canon Rebel XSi, a camcorder, and one on one tutoring from {yours truly} to name a few! As if donating to such a great cause was not reason enough!!

Help Bring Owen Home!

Our good friends Darrin and Chrissy are another amazing couple that would appreciate your prayers and reader support. You can follow their adoption journey on their blog. Leave them a note and wish them well!

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