The Boog

He doesn't talk yet, so I have no "Boogerisms" to share, but this afternoon I caught this great shot of my little Jadon. I don't remember if there was a precise reason I started calling him Booger...I can't imagine that I knew how mischevious and boogerish he was at just a few days old, but it has certainly proved to be a fitting nickname for him. He's got the kind of mind that looks at a shelf and sees a ladder, a couch is MUST be a trampoline, and the changing table in our house makes a great high dive! His little brain says, "Hmmm. Why not?" and when I try to reprimand him, he looks at me with these big baby blues and I can see that he has NO idea what was wrong with what he just did. He's going to be the one who gets in trouble all the time but doesn't get punished nearly as much as he should because...HOW can you accuse a kid of intentional harm with eyes like these? Oh my goodness...he's got me soooo wrapped around his little finger! He's so Boogerlicious!


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