Keeping up with the Jones'

The Jones family are good friends of ours. We love them dearly. But even though I know Micah well, see him often...he's bud's with my boys...I still can't quite figure out how to make this kid cut loose and LAUGH. I must say, sometimes I think he's an adult stuck in a kid's body. It certainly makes ME laugh to see him looking at me like the ridiculous 3-year-old-jokes I'm cracking are absolutely the most humiliating thing he's seen an adult do in all his years. As you can see, his parents think so too, and occasionally I think the three of them bond over my ridiculous antics and I get a GREAT moment like this...but BOY do I have to make an idiot of myself for this kid! lol.




I know it breaks all the rules, but I really like this's one of my favorites!!


Mom and Dad don't require a circus act. They'll smile just cuz they like being together, which I think is adorable. Really love this shot!




I can't get enough of this one...I absolutely LOOOOOVE "LOL moments." These represent the happiest moments in a person's life and I'm thrilled when I capture them!


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